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About Bee Chin Heong

Bee Chin Heong was founded by the famous Chinese incense family from Malaysia, Dato' Tan Choo Hin. In 1964, the first factory of Bee Chin Heong was established in Penang Island, Malaysia. With its sincere admiration and dedication in the traditional incense culture, Bee Chin Heong was armed with solid industrial knowledge in mastering the incense making technology. Hence, Bee Chin Heong became popularly welcomed in Singapore and Malaysia’s market.

In 1973, Bee Chin Heong set up its very first physical store in Jalan Pintal Tali, Penang and managed to hold more and more branches subsequently with the stable growth of its business. Ever since then, Bee Chin Heong gradually thrived across the border of Malaysia and Singapore and successfully tapped into multiple countries in Southeast Asia.

In November 1996, Bee Chin Heong (Xia Men) formed as the first incense manufacturer  specialising in the manufacture of sandalwood and other natural fragrances who utilised advance management and production technology in the incense making industry. The company is powered by the vision to bring innovations and modernisation to the traditional incense making industry yet preserving the essence of the traditional culture concurrently.

Bee Chin Heong was a highly diversified manufacturer who took the lead to cultivate and adopt environmental protection concepts in fragrance packaging. The use of natural raw materials, scientific selection of materials, and strict quality control are the "soul" of Bee Chin Heong’s products. Thereupon, Bee Chin Heong is favoured and become the first choice in Southeast Asian.